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Mr. Pearl – A corsetted vision

If I told you that you should know about the name Cathy Jung, you must know about the name Mr. Pearl.

The reason is simple; Mr. Pearl is one of the worlds most talented, appreciated and succesful modern corsetdesigner.

Mr. Pearl in one of his 18″ corsets, (before he started wear corsets he had a 30″ waist) which he have been wearing day and night the last ten years.

Mr. Pearl, or Mark Pullin as his real name is, was born 43 years ago in South Africa as the first child to an english father and a half english, half dutch mother. He got one brother, Grant. His father worked as a toolmaker and his mother as a secretary.

Pullins father always wanted his son to become a lawyer or a doctor, but even since childhood Pullin have been encanted by ballet, (he’s an old balletdancer) corset and art. But exactly when, how and where did this huge fascination for corsets begin?

“My grandmother wore corsets so I became fascinated by them,” he sais. “They were always salmon-pink. She used to let me lace her up. It took a long time as there were lots of eyelets and laces, but it was a great treat.”

Under two years he was married to a South African actress, but in 1994 they split up and Pullin moved to London and became both corset-maker and Mr. Pearl. In 2002 Mr. Pearl leaved London for Paris, where his corset-art have been stationed since.

“How would you describe the feeling of wearing a corset to someone who has never had the opportunity to put one on? What fascinates you so much about the way they repress and transform the body?
“Permanent embrace” just about sums it up. There are also ways to behave when wearing a corset. Clients often have ideas or fantasies about this before the commissioning stage and later there is much to explore vis a vis heightened social interaction. In fact, the body becomes voluptuous and palpably “there” rather than repressed.”

There’s many famous faces who have been seen in a Mr. Pearl corset, among them is Dita von Teese. When you ask Dita about Mr. Pearl, this is her answer;

“I feel very fortunate to know this man who lives for glamour and keeps this lost art of corsetry as it once was alive and well. In this era when everyone wants everything quickly and cheaply, Mr Pearl is here for those of us that comprehend the true art of haute couture, understand the value of it and are patient enough to take the time to let it happen.”

Today have Pullin no contact with his family. Pullins father says that he knew that the boy was gay the first moment he saw him, but also says that hes hugly talented.

Which we just can agree with him about, or what do you say?


Mr. Pearl in 1999.

Sources: A fat chance Kylie! and Mr. Pearl: CoutureLab World.

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Maybe another inch?

Everyone who’s a bit nerdy when it comes to corsets and everything around them surely recongnize the name Cathy Jung.

And why should you do that?

Well… Cathy’s waist is a bit… extreme.

Her waist is incredible 15″ (38 cm) and with that the smallest waist on a living person. (The one who had the smallest waist of all time was Ethel Granger, her waist was 13″. (33 cm))

Cathy, now 71 years old, started with waisttraining back in 1985, with 26″ as her natural waistline, in a 22″ corset.  Two years later she started to wear a corset 24/7, and  since then her goal was to reach a smaller waist for every year that passed.

Cathy herself says that the negative parts of tightlacing is normal things, such as driving a car or manage social problems. “Not everyone understands what we’re doing and thinks a small waist is beautiful.”

Interviewers: Do you intend to go smaller?

Cathy: Possibly, a little bit. Maybe another inch?


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