Just a little update..

Hi, everyone!

Sorry that we haven’t been online much to give you news and such from the world of steampunk, but as usual we have been very busy in our ordinary lives. Varga have been busy with her LARP that is about to go off in just a few weeks. My has been away from the city and is now focusing on her upcoming studies, as am I. I’m turning from part-time French to full-time archival science, a big turn around but also a fun one.

The biggest news so far, though, is that August 20th  presented itself to be the birthday of one of the greatest authors ever (at least in my mind): Howard Phillips Lovecraft. This year it marked the 122 anniversary of his birth, and I, for one, celebrated that with reading some of my favourite novels of his 🙂

Next year I’ll bake a Cthulhu cake, I promise!

Xx, Arathin


Updates & Snowglobes!

Wow, even though we don’t update this blog often enough, we still have some good traffic here! Thanks a bunch everyone for your support! ❤

As always, we’ve been busy bees with this and that. There’s been school, work, photoshoots (me and Varga are models while My tends to stand behind the camera) and lots of planning to get our LARP started. If you’ve ever tried to set a LARP up, you know the amount of work we’re currently facing with food, intrigues & schemes, characters, location, histories, outfits, rules and, of course, money. Being the Association’s treasurer I’ve got the job to keep track of where the money’s coming and going and who has paid for what. Not all that easy when your bank has decided to not give you all the information about payers at once >_<

But this entry was not intended for me to rant on things you’re probably not interested in, sorry for that 😛

Actually I wanted to tip you off about a designer who makes the most gorgeous steampunk snowglobes I’ve ever seen! If you haven’t seen her yet, go check her Etsy out: Camryn Forrest Design

It’s A Steampunk Christmas

My, doesn’t the time fly? Christmas is waiting around the corner and soon enough we’ll exchange this year for a new one. I for one am hoping for lots of Christmas happiness, coziness, delicious food, candy, time spent with my loved ones – and if that bloody snow would decide to fall soon, I’d be a very happy girl indeed. It’s just not a proper Christmas without snow 😉

But right now my Winter Wonderland seems far away and so instead I pass the time (as well as getting Christmassy) by looking at pretty Christmas ornaments fitting the steampunky geek.

These two caught my eye as early as last year, when I was beginning to get a feel of this whole culture:


I mean, who wouldn’t say no to have an airship hanging from their tree? Or exchange that ordinary stocking for a more neo-Victorian one? If you want them too, you can find them at ClockworkCouture.com 🙂

Or, if you’re more into cogs and gears, Etsy just might be the place for you! I’ve been spending a lot of time drooling over these:

Etsy has quite a lot, just enter the keywords “steampunk christmas ornaments” and you’re off! You might have to look around a bit before you find exactly what you’re looking for, but in the meantime I can promise you you’ll find plenty of other stuff you’re going to want to add to your wishlists 🙂

I really and truly hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Promise me you’ll eat more candy than you should and enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Xx, Arathin

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Have Your Say!

Hi everyone, sorry for the extremely dry blog period, but we have all been very busy the past few months. Some of us have been on summer vacation and therfore haven’t had any time to write anything. Personally, I’ve been engaged in a work internship that lasted up until the beginning of this month and our dearest Varga went away for two months to work full time in Austria.
Today we are all home, but we are still heavily engaged in our different lives and so it’s quite hard to find time to take care of this blog.

Also, keeping a steampunk blog isn’t the easiest thing to do when you live in a country where the steampunk culture still is pretty underground. But we will try to keep up the good work and supply you with what we can find around the web, physical stores and whatnots 🙂

But I thought I’d let you readers have your say in all of this as well. It is you who make us want to keep this blog going and so it is only fair that we listen to you. What is it that YOU want us to write about? More literature, fashion, home decoration, culture, events? Anything not mentioned?

This blog lives because of you, so speak up and let us know what you want 🙂

Xx, Arathin – one of the blog keepers

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Steampunk LARP – “To Capture A Heart”

This goes out to all you steampunk and LARP aficionados out there!

During the weekend of July 22-24 the roleplaying society Evighetens Vägskäl will hold a steampunk LARP called “To Capture A Heart” in the woods of Stockholm. Lilla Lugnet in Bromma, to be exact.

The LARP will take place in the land of Doname, where old fashioned countryside and steampunk science collide and at some points tries to coincide. The year is 1889 and the family af Edellöw has invited all the other noble families to their summerhouse. The reason for this is to tie them closer to the family by finding a husband for the daughter Gabrielle af Edellöw. But she may not be as inclined towards marriage as her father wants everyone to think..
Below the surface several schemes are bubbling away between the attendants and in other parts of the world a disease of unknown qualites rage. A disease whose shadow terrifies people to things they could never fathom.

For this first LARP, everyone will speak Swedish.

The price for attending is 350 SEK and final admittance date has been set for July 10. So if you’re in Stockholm 22-24 July and you want to LARP with other steampunky people, go to our Website and send us an email! Note though that the website is in Swedish and that some information may not be enterily correct.

Airship picture credit: http://vintageephemera.blogspot.com

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New arrivals!

Let me introduce our new arrivals;

Arathin and Varga!

They will make this blog even better with their posts<3

Pictures honestly stolen from them.



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Inspiration – The source you can trust on

What inspires you?

Music, different models and my beautiful freinds is what inspires me.

I thought I’d should share some inspiring and beautiful faces with you!

This is Tea. She’s, like me, from Sweden and have been modelling for a couple of years. She model pin-up, corsets, burlesque, nude, fairytale… You name it. When I feel that I need inspiration, Tea is a modell I always can count on.

Morgana is originally from Spain but live now in the UK. She’s both photographer, model and a make-up artist. You can find almos whatever there is to find in corsetways when yoy watch Morganas portfolio.

When an artist drink tea, play violin and piano, is beautiful and wonderful laced, do you know who I’m talking about? Emilie Autumn!

Don’t worry, there will be alot more like this,


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Becuase it’s My steamy way


It’s steam in the air, steam in my lungs and steam in my heart.

Steam all around me here in Sweden.

Hi there, let me introduce myself. My name is My, (Yes, it’s true!) I live in Sweden and love classical music, art (both some modern artists but most history painting) corsets and other kind of steamy fashion.

I started this blog becuase I liked to do a blog about alternative fashion, photography, books, music and whatever comes in my way. I’d also like to better my english, so if you see any mistakes – wrong word on wrong place, grammar, etc – please feel free to correct me!

Have a steamy day!


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