Steampunk Bible

Attention all steampunk afficionados in Sweden!

There is a new book out, in case you haven’t noticed, that is called The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer. I saw it today when me and my sweetheart dropped by Science Fictionbokhandeln (The Science Fiction Book Shop) in Old Town. A quick look later and I for one felt pretty inclined to take it home with me.
Being an old Goth I’ve dived into several books devoted to that particular subculture and in the meantime come to the conclusion that these types of books are very useful – especially if you are new to it.

This book deals with the history of steampunk, from old school literature to contemporary steampunk fashion and music. Alongside it are also some nice tips to get your steampunk thing going. The fact that it’s also packed with pretty illustrations and photographs gives it an additional gold star.

I know I want it in my book collection. If you want it too you can buy it HERE!

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Steamy Steamy Books

It’s time we take a brake from corsetry.

Don’t get me wrong, we love the pretty things and what they can do to one’s shape. But this is a steampunk blog, after all, and not one purely about corsets. For that, we’d have to start up a new one.

Instead, let us look into the world of books. More specifically, steampunk literature.
When you get right down to it, steampunk/-y books have a tendency to fit into other genres, not only steampunk. As a matter of fact, several are also considered to be some of the world’s greatest scinece fiction classics.

Take for example the novel that many would call the first steampunk novel, that one that really coined phraze: The Different Engine, by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling. With a background in the cyberpunk genre, they both teamed together in 1990 and produced something that combined Victorian society with science, and that is now a part of the SF Masterworks family.

But steampunky literature has a longer history than only  21 years. Books on the theme has been published since the 1800’s with the help of authors such as H G Wells, H P Lovecraft, Jules Verne, Mary Shelley and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. If you think that’s hard to believe, I suggest that you go and and buy one or several of their works. After a while I guarantee that you will be able to find the elements that we think of when we think “steampunk”.

If you want to start off softly and are more into fantasy than science fiction, you can always have a go at the trilogy His Dark Materials, by Philip Pullman, beginning with The Golden Compass.

There’s a whole new world out there for us steampunk afficionados. Let’s go out and raid our book stores for the goodies!

Oh, and if you want lists of steampunk books you can always go HERE or HERE!

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That’s Why

One extremly irritating and common comment which you’ll probably hear all the time is;

Oh my, corsets are so expencive…

Right. Yes, a corset costs lots of money. But not without a reason.

This is a corset pattern from the beginning of the 20th century. Look at the pattern, would you be able to sew a nice corset out of this the first time? Probably not.

And this is just the first problem when it comes to constructing a corset. You’ll have to fit the pattern so the corset will be comfortable to wear (those corsets from 19th and 20th century wasn’t fitted after the human body as modern corsets are), and so it has the shape you want it to have. And as I said before, you will probably not be able to create a perfect pattern the first time.

The sewing part isn’t easy either, even if the biggest problem is the pattern. To make the corset stiff, so it’ll change the wearers body-shape, you have to put lining (a second layer) in it.

Then you have to put bones in it, (steel, forget the platsic ones! They… Well, they won’t do shit, they’ll just cost you money) which takes lots of time and need skills.

In old times corset tailors was a specific job. If you want a corset, and not a modern-fake-lousy-girlde, you have to pay for it.

You may think it’s a great idea to buy the cheap corset-like-thing with plastic bones you found on the internet instead of the expensive steel-boned corset, and save lots of money in that way. In the end you will probably be disapointed – if you wanted a corset. (A real corset. If you don’t care and just want something fancy to put around you belly, well… Do as you please. But I don’t think that fake-corset with plastic “bones” in it which just screw up is fancy.) It isn’t that uncommon with stolen pictures, and if you find a corset that costs half as much as one very identical, that “corset” is probably just a cheap fake from the expensive one.

Still sceptic to the prices of corsets? Try to sew one.


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New arrivals!

Let me introduce our new arrivals;

Arathin and Varga!

They will make this blog even better with their posts<3

Pictures honestly stolen from them.



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Mr. Pearl – A corsetted vision

If I told you that you should know about the name Cathy Jung, you must know about the name Mr. Pearl.

The reason is simple; Mr. Pearl is one of the worlds most talented, appreciated and succesful modern corsetdesigner.

Mr. Pearl in one of his 18″ corsets, (before he started wear corsets he had a 30″ waist) which he have been wearing day and night the last ten years.

Mr. Pearl, or Mark Pullin as his real name is, was born 43 years ago in South Africa as the first child to an english father and a half english, half dutch mother. He got one brother, Grant. His father worked as a toolmaker and his mother as a secretary.

Pullins father always wanted his son to become a lawyer or a doctor, but even since childhood Pullin have been encanted by ballet, (he’s an old balletdancer) corset and art. But exactly when, how and where did this huge fascination for corsets begin?

“My grandmother wore corsets so I became fascinated by them,” he sais. “They were always salmon-pink. She used to let me lace her up. It took a long time as there were lots of eyelets and laces, but it was a great treat.”

Under two years he was married to a South African actress, but in 1994 they split up and Pullin moved to London and became both corset-maker and Mr. Pearl. In 2002 Mr. Pearl leaved London for Paris, where his corset-art have been stationed since.

“How would you describe the feeling of wearing a corset to someone who has never had the opportunity to put one on? What fascinates you so much about the way they repress and transform the body?
“Permanent embrace” just about sums it up. There are also ways to behave when wearing a corset. Clients often have ideas or fantasies about this before the commissioning stage and later there is much to explore vis a vis heightened social interaction. In fact, the body becomes voluptuous and palpably “there” rather than repressed.”

There’s many famous faces who have been seen in a Mr. Pearl corset, among them is Dita von Teese. When you ask Dita about Mr. Pearl, this is her answer;

“I feel very fortunate to know this man who lives for glamour and keeps this lost art of corsetry as it once was alive and well. In this era when everyone wants everything quickly and cheaply, Mr Pearl is here for those of us that comprehend the true art of haute couture, understand the value of it and are patient enough to take the time to let it happen.”

Today have Pullin no contact with his family. Pullins father says that he knew that the boy was gay the first moment he saw him, but also says that hes hugly talented.

Which we just can agree with him about, or what do you say?


Mr. Pearl in 1999.

Sources: A fat chance Kylie! and Mr. Pearl: CoutureLab World.

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The Corset

Grab these laces and pull a little tighter
until you hear my ribs crush
under the delicate fabric of this corset
scarlet red,decorated with ash.

I suffocate but I cannot show it
just breathe less.
No time to vomit, it’s almost midnight
dying under beauty’s cold caress.

Yes, keep pulling!
I don’t want to look fat.
Yes! Until my body is broken.
skin and bone and add makeup to that.

Paint in these vivid colors my face
make me look divine.
lips of blood and cheeks of pink
another sacrifice to Aphrodite’s shrine.

My transformer, my corset
tie me and start my rebirth
they say that beauty requires pain,
power, no soul and wealth.

You don’t have to feel
Be meat, raw and cold
Realise your fear
and you shall never grow old

I’m sorry I’ve been so bad with updatings here! Hope you’ll enjoy this little poem, and don’t forget to check this blog in the week-end… I’m planning to write about a very special man then 😉



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Maybe another inch?

Everyone who’s a bit nerdy when it comes to corsets and everything around them surely recongnize the name Cathy Jung.

And why should you do that?

Well… Cathy’s waist is a bit… extreme.

Her waist is incredible 15″ (38 cm) and with that the smallest waist on a living person. (The one who had the smallest waist of all time was Ethel Granger, her waist was 13″. (33 cm))

Cathy, now 71 years old, started with waisttraining back in 1985, with 26″ as her natural waistline, in a 22″ corset.  Two years later she started to wear a corset 24/7, and  since then her goal was to reach a smaller waist for every year that passed.

Cathy herself says that the negative parts of tightlacing is normal things, such as driving a car or manage social problems. “Not everyone understands what we’re doing and thinks a small waist is beautiful.”

Interviewers: Do you intend to go smaller?

Cathy: Possibly, a little bit. Maybe another inch?


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A Tightlacer’s Diet

When you’re into tightlacing you can’t eat normaly, taht’s a fact. Heres a description of how much and when a tightlacer eat. Enjoy!

It’s written by Amy from Wasp Creations, so yes, you can count on this. I found it on Tea‘s blog. (It’s in swedish)


Tightlacer’s Diet

Daily waist training involves many changes in one’s life. One of the most important is diet. Some people supplement their weight loss regimen with a corset. While a corset can help loose weight by limiting your intake of food at every meal, it does not mean that the wearer can eat anything they want and loose unwanted pounds. Besides, wearing a corset on the sole notion of loosing weight is not the best way to go about waist training. You must enjoy wearing a corset to make progress with waist training. You may notice that many of these diet tips for the tightlacer mirror proper dietary ideas that are used in commercial weight-loss programs.

Wearing a corset does not mean starving yourself or giving up food. True, you cannot eat as much when you are laced into a corset. In most western countries, we tend to eat 2-3 large meals a day. This is just not possible for the tightlacer. It is easier on the body to eat 4-5 smaller meals. It allows the digestive tract to keep a constant flow of material running through. If you were to eat 2 large meals a day, your body would have a large bulky mass to pass through at intervals. This usually results in painful cramps and sometimes heartburn.

When eating your meal, try to avoid cold beverages. The reason for this is that the cold liquid will numb the nerves in your stomach. With the nerves numb, your stomach cannot tell you when you are full. Instead, try to drink 15 to 30 minuets before eating.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. This does not have to be straight water, but beverages that include water. This insures that there is plenty of fluid in the upper and lower intestine. Thus, the possibility of cramps or production of painful gas is minimized.

Avoid carbonated beverages. This includes soda, beer, and Champagne. Carbonated beverages may not be a problem for you when you first start to reduce your waist. As you reduce your waist, there is less room for the carbonated bubbles to distribute. This results in pockets of gas in your stomach or intestine. What happens then is either a long stretch of belching, or painful cramps.

Avoid foods that cause heartburn or gas. These foods include, but are not limited to; beans, onions, and cucumbers.

Some foods expand in your stomach when introduced to water. Rice, potatoes, and pastas.

Foods such as red meat, take quite a while for your body to digest. This results in a tired, run down feeling. The dedicated tightlacer limits their intake of red meat. Instead eating light foods such as salads, vegetables, breads, fish, and poultry actually.

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Some Laced Shops

Take a look at the widgets on the right.

Scroll down a bit.

Stay where the links are.

Then, you’ll got some links to Laced Shops (corset stores) – great corsets just don’t fall down from heaven, you gotta buy them…


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Inspiration – The source you can trust on

What inspires you?

Music, different models and my beautiful freinds is what inspires me.

I thought I’d should share some inspiring and beautiful faces with you!

This is Tea. She’s, like me, from Sweden and have been modelling for a couple of years. She model pin-up, corsets, burlesque, nude, fairytale… You name it. When I feel that I need inspiration, Tea is a modell I always can count on.

Morgana is originally from Spain but live now in the UK. She’s both photographer, model and a make-up artist. You can find almos whatever there is to find in corsetways when yoy watch Morganas portfolio.

When an artist drink tea, play violin and piano, is beautiful and wonderful laced, do you know who I’m talking about? Emilie Autumn!

Don’t worry, there will be alot more like this,


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