Just a little update..

Hi, everyone!

Sorry that we haven’t been online much to give you news and such from the world of steampunk, but as usual we have been very busy in our ordinary lives. Varga have been busy with her LARP that is about to go off in just a few weeks. My has been away from the city and is now focusing on her upcoming studies, as am I. I’m turning from part-time French to full-time archival science, a big turn around but also a fun one.

The biggest news so far, though, is that August 20th  presented itself to be the birthday of one of the greatest authors ever (at least in my mind): Howard Phillips Lovecraft. This year it marked the 122 anniversary of his birth, and I, for one, celebrated that with reading some of my favourite novels of his 🙂

Next year I’ll bake a Cthulhu cake, I promise!

Xx, Arathin


Updates & Snowglobes!

Wow, even though we don’t update this blog often enough, we still have some good traffic here! Thanks a bunch everyone for your support! ❤

As always, we’ve been busy bees with this and that. There’s been school, work, photoshoots (me and Varga are models while My tends to stand behind the camera) and lots of planning to get our LARP started. If you’ve ever tried to set a LARP up, you know the amount of work we’re currently facing with food, intrigues & schemes, characters, location, histories, outfits, rules and, of course, money. Being the Association’s treasurer I’ve got the job to keep track of where the money’s coming and going and who has paid for what. Not all that easy when your bank has decided to not give you all the information about payers at once >_<

But this entry was not intended for me to rant on things you’re probably not interested in, sorry for that 😛

Actually I wanted to tip you off about a designer who makes the most gorgeous steampunk snowglobes I’ve ever seen! If you haven’t seen her yet, go check her Etsy out: Camryn Forrest Design

Steampunk Night in Stockholm

Attention all Steampunkers in Stockholm!

The Science fiction Bookstore (Science Fictionbokhandeln) will be holding a Steampunk Night in April! The date is currently not set in stone, but it will probably be on the 18th or 19th of April.

This is because of the release of the Swedish translation of the book series Parasol Protectorate by Gail Carriger. Carriger will visit the bookstore and among book signing and interview, there will also be activities and discussions about steampunk. Eventually Carriger will also visit Gothenburgh and/or Malmö, but nothing is decided about that.

I haven’t read the book series yet, but I have been curious about it for quite some time now. As soon as I gain more time for free time reading I’ll probably attack it 🙂

In the meantime I think it’s great that they have decided to hold a theme night like this, and if enough people show up, I’m sure they will have it again ^^

I’ll come with more info on the Steampunk Night as soon as I know anything else, promise!

Xx, Arathin

Steamy Shop Tips

Again it’s been quite some time since our last post. Sorry for that, guys, but we have been busy bees as of late. Not only are there studies and work to take care of, we are also in the midst of planning the reset of a Steampunk LARP. If you’ve been following this blog you’d know that we last summer attempted to set one up, but due to lack of time and other things we had to cancel it. Now we are trying to set it up again and hopefully we’ll be able to pull it off this time 🙂 It will be the first proper Steampunk LARP (at least I think it will be..) in Stockholm, Sweden, so we’re quite excited indeed ^^

In the meantime I thought I’d give you some tips on awesome designers – both fashion and accessories.

Clockwork Couture – Gorgeous designs and accessories, American brand

SkinzNhydez – Absolutely wonderful leather designs with a distinct Steampunk feel

Catherinette Rings – Jewellery and sculptures, Steampunk, SteamGoth and Cthulhu

Sarah Burchill, who has two shops on Etsy: one for metalworks and for glassworks – All handmade, there is probably nothing this artist can’t do. And her glass tentacles are lovely, the one shown below is my own ^^

Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium – Unique handmade hats and corsages, the link goes to her Facebook Page

Steampunk Couture – Handmade designs, one of my favourite places to go to for inspiration. The picture is borrowed from her Facebook Page


Xx, Arathin

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It’s A Steampunk Christmas

My, doesn’t the time fly? Christmas is waiting around the corner and soon enough we’ll exchange this year for a new one. I for one am hoping for lots of Christmas happiness, coziness, delicious food, candy, time spent with my loved ones – and if that bloody snow would decide to fall soon, I’d be a very happy girl indeed. It’s just not a proper Christmas without snow 😉

But right now my Winter Wonderland seems far away and so instead I pass the time (as well as getting Christmassy) by looking at pretty Christmas ornaments fitting the steampunky geek.

These two caught my eye as early as last year, when I was beginning to get a feel of this whole culture:


I mean, who wouldn’t say no to have an airship hanging from their tree? Or exchange that ordinary stocking for a more neo-Victorian one? If you want them too, you can find them at ClockworkCouture.com 🙂

Or, if you’re more into cogs and gears, Etsy just might be the place for you! I’ve been spending a lot of time drooling over these:

Etsy has quite a lot, just enter the keywords “steampunk christmas ornaments” and you’re off! You might have to look around a bit before you find exactly what you’re looking for, but in the meantime I can promise you you’ll find plenty of other stuff you’re going to want to add to your wishlists 🙂

I really and truly hope you all will have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends. Promise me you’ll eat more candy than you should and enjoy the holidays!

Merry Christmas!

Xx, Arathin

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Tesla, electrical genius

One of our sweet readers, Therese, requested that we write more about steampunk DIY and science. So I thought, why not start off with someone that in my mind is one of the most influential people when it comes to the science part of steampunk? Who I am thinking of? Nikola Tesla, of course. I may be still quite new to the scene, but it seems to me this electric genius has had a pretty big impact on the subculture.

To start of with a little history, Nikola Tesla was born 10 July, 1856, in the village of Smiljan, in the Austrian Empire. His father was a priest in the Serbian Orthodox Church, his mother the daughter of a priest in said church and he had one older brother (who later died in a riding accident) and three sisters. After graduating from the Higher Real Gymnasium in Karlovac, he went to study electrical engineering at the Austrian Pylotechnic in Graz in 1875. He never finished his studies though, but dropped out during his third year. After that he broke all relations with his family and went to Margur where he worked as an assistant engineer. After one year his father tracked him down and persuaded him to go to Prague and the Charles-Ferdinand University. Tesla, however, only attended one term and left school after his father had died.

During his lifetime Tesla lived in Budapest, Paris and New York, where he worked alongside Thomas Edison – who later on became his adversary in the electric field. He filed several patents and came quite close to recieving the Nobel Prize in Physics. Mostly Tesla is renowned for his work on electric currents, most specifically he formed the basis of alternating current (AC) which was one of the things that helped usher the second industrial revolution. He also did immense work on magnetic fields and created the Tesla Coil, a resonant transformer circuit capable of producing high voltage, low current and high frequency alternating current electricity. While Tesla used it to conduct several electrical experiments (a list and more information can be found HERE), it is today mostly used for educational displays, entertainment and in some cases also in fetish performances.

In 1943, on January 7th, Nikola Tesla died of the complications after a heart thrombus in a hotel room in New York, 86 years old.
But Tesla lives on in the steampunk subculture, where several of his inventions has come to find their places. He also frequents other parts of popular culture, such as literature, comics and movies. For a full list, go HERE! Without Tesla, I don’t think steampunk would look the way it does today or be as science-oriented as it is. So, thank you, Nikola Tesla 🙂

Source: Wikipedia

Xx, Arathin


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Have Your Say!

Hi everyone, sorry for the extremely dry blog period, but we have all been very busy the past few months. Some of us have been on summer vacation and therfore haven’t had any time to write anything. Personally, I’ve been engaged in a work internship that lasted up until the beginning of this month and our dearest Varga went away for two months to work full time in Austria.
Today we are all home, but we are still heavily engaged in our different lives and so it’s quite hard to find time to take care of this blog.

Also, keeping a steampunk blog isn’t the easiest thing to do when you live in a country where the steampunk culture still is pretty underground. But we will try to keep up the good work and supply you with what we can find around the web, physical stores and whatnots 🙂

But I thought I’d let you readers have your say in all of this as well. It is you who make us want to keep this blog going and so it is only fair that we listen to you. What is it that YOU want us to write about? More literature, fashion, home decoration, culture, events? Anything not mentioned?

This blog lives because of you, so speak up and let us know what you want 🙂

Xx, Arathin – one of the blog keepers

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Real vs. Fake


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The dark, melancholic storyteller

Edgar Allan Poe (1809 – 1849) was an american author and a poet.

As a two-year old Poe lost both his parents and was adopted by John Allan, a rich businessman in Richmond, and his wife. Poe adopted John Allan’s middle name, but kept his biological parents’ last name.

Poe stayed a couple of years at theRichmondAcademyand was send to the University of Virginia after that. After one year John Allan refused to give Poe more money – probably because of Poe’s gambling problem. When John Allan died in 1834 was Poe left without any heritage.

Poe’s debut came in 1827 with the poetry collection “Tamerlame”. In 1831 he published a greater collection called “Poems”. In the middle of 1830, Poe was known as an established novelist, critic of literature and a successful editor. At the same time he got married to his 13-year old cousin Virginia.  Their marriage didn’t last long.Virginia died of tuberculosis in 1847 – this and problems with alcohol affected Poe strongly, and his already weak health became worse.

Virginia’s death is, as a lot more in Poe’s life, a history surrounded by myths.

Poe mostly wrote about beauty and death with a melancholic tone, and is also filled with a musical rhythm – “The Philosophy of Composition” (1846) is all about this.

Besides of all Poe’s classic poems is his detective stories and horror stories the source of inspiration and germinal to the whole horror-world. Many of his works have been used as foundations to a lot of movies and cartoons.



Steampunk LARP – “To Capture A Heart”

This goes out to all you steampunk and LARP aficionados out there!

During the weekend of July 22-24 the roleplaying society Evighetens Vägskäl will hold a steampunk LARP called “To Capture A Heart” in the woods of Stockholm. Lilla Lugnet in Bromma, to be exact.

The LARP will take place in the land of Doname, where old fashioned countryside and steampunk science collide and at some points tries to coincide. The year is 1889 and the family af Edellöw has invited all the other noble families to their summerhouse. The reason for this is to tie them closer to the family by finding a husband for the daughter Gabrielle af Edellöw. But she may not be as inclined towards marriage as her father wants everyone to think..
Below the surface several schemes are bubbling away between the attendants and in other parts of the world a disease of unknown qualites rage. A disease whose shadow terrifies people to things they could never fathom.

For this first LARP, everyone will speak Swedish.

The price for attending is 350 SEK and final admittance date has been set for July 10. So if you’re in Stockholm 22-24 July and you want to LARP with other steampunky people, go to our Website and send us an email! Note though that the website is in Swedish and that some information may not be enterily correct.

Airship picture credit: http://vintageephemera.blogspot.com

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